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Promotional Stand Reveals Dragon Quest Heroes North American Release Date

Isn’t it funny how sometimes even cardboard cutouts can do a better job breaking news about a new video game than actual publishers? A promotional stand sitting in the back room of a video game retailer over in North America advertising the release date for the much-anticipated Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe And The Blight Below has been shared online thanks to Twitter user @Wario64 who got a snap of his flat friend taking a break before actually being placed out into the store to promote the game’s release. The date is the 13th of October so mark it on your calendars just incase you’re prone to forgetfulness!

Dragon-Quest-Heroes-Promotional-Stand-01Though Square Enix hasn’t come out with any official announcement of the release date, if you check out the Dragon Quest Heroes page on Best Buy’s website, it features the same date which can only mean it is official…right? I’m sure we’ll hear from Square Enix soon enough with an official statement. Until that happens and until the actual game is released, why don’t you check out our Dragon Quest Heroes video(s) which we’ll be uploading onto our Youtube page periodically: Click Here



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