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Prepare To Take To The Streets Once Again With The Newly Announced Akiba’s Beat


It was in the year 2011 that the Japanese public first laid their eyes on the PlayStation Portable title Akiba’s Trip. This strange action title that relied heavily on a combat system based around stripping the clothes off of your enemies to submit them to the harsh rays of the sun took the country by storm, but due to it’s incredibly niche audience…this game was never released in the West. Jump to the year 2014; a follow up to the original game title Akiba’s Trip: Undead And Undressed was released worldwide to the kind of reception that justified the original game never leaving the shores of Japan. Still, despite what many critics said about this game, it quickly became a cult classic. The game then got a re-release for the PlayStation 4, originally being on the PlayStation Vita, and it once again saw a resurgence, albeit a slight one.


Acquire, the developers and Japanese publishers of the game, saw how popular this game series was in it’s home country and have now decided, in the year 2016, that they’re going to add to it’s so far small numbers by revealing their latest venture into the mostly realistic streets of Akihabara with Akiba’s Beat. Not too much has been said about Akiba’s Beat as of yet, apart from the fact that it is an indirect follow up to Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, and that it will be the first of the series to feature RPG elements, being labelled an “Action/RPG“.

The reveal, which was featured in the latest preview issue of Famitsu magazine, was short but sweet, with a comment being made regarding the release of more information with the next full issue of Famitsu magazine. Akiba’s Beat will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita across Japan, but there is yet to be a release period attached to the project as of right now, so things could change between now an it’s eventual release. As far as it’s localisation goes; because it has just been announced, we wont be hearing about that for quite some time, so hold tight and hopefully we’ll be hearing about that soon enough.


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