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Power Meal – DBZ’s Vegeta Appears In New Commercial For Cup Noodles

Dragon-Ball-Z-Nissin-Cup-Noodle-Commercial-Screenshot-01Japan produces it’s fair share of weird stuff. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that they produce the weirdest crap the world has ever and will ever see. Japan saw the birth of a SchickXEvangelion collaboration that has lasted for years. Only in Japan do shaving products and an alien armageddon come together so gracefully. With this in mind, there’s absolutely no way you can deny Japan’s tendency to come up with some insane promotional campaigns. In comparison to what I’ve just detailed, the commercial I’m about to introduce is actually somewhat tame…but still so damn funny!

We all love Dragon Ball Z, fact. Even those who aren’t really into Dragon Ball Z still love Dragon Ball Z. Yeah, my words are inconsostent but that doesn’t make them any less true! Dragon Ball Z breaks all kinds of mental and physical boundaries so ny crazy writinf is fine. Well Cup Noodles, the well-known brand of…cup noodles, recently released a commercial for it’s brand-new flavour which just so happens to be…Vegeta. Yep, it’s Vegeta flavoured. The actual product doesn’t contain any actual Vegeta, but it does indeed contain a lot of vegetables which is how the connection between it and Dragon Ball Z is made.

The new commercial, provided below, goes for a measly 25 seconds but features Vegeta going head-to-head with enough giant vegetables to end world hunger. He chops ’em up, blasts them to pieces, and somehow they become a cup of noodles. Look, Dragon Ball Z didn’t always make sense and neither does this commercial…so enjoy!


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