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Pokken Tournament Will Be Coming To A Dave & Busters Near You


Australia is a wonderful country, but it’s not a country that features establishments like Dave & Busters wherein which an individual can sit down for a meal, turn around and play some of the latest arcade machines to be released. Places like that simply don’t exist down under, and it burns me up inside! You North Americans consider yourselves lucky, not just because you have access to restaurant/arcade hybrids like Dave & Busters but because the upcoming fighting title Pokken Tournament is set to be tested in the USA through Dave & Busters locations across the country.

Kevin Bachus, the Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Game Strategy for Dave & Busters, recently held his very own Reddit AMA wherein which he was questioned about the localisation of this arcade title. Replying with confidence, Bachus detailed the relationship between the restaurant chain and Bandai Namco America saying that they’re more excited about the North American release of Pokken Tournament than they are of the new Tekken.

The exact locations of these test machines has yet to have been revealed, but Bachus said something interesting during the AMA which will give you somewhat of an idea regarding what locations will play host to the new game: “NAMCO often likes to test close to their US offices in Chicago but we usually try to talk them into letting us test in a wider variety of locations”.

As of right now, all information is fairly vague. Nothing was said regarding specific locations, nothing was said about specific release dates, honestly, not much was said about anything apart from that this is something that will eventually happen. Yeah, like I said; pretty vague. Fact is; it IS going to happen, and that gives us all something to be excited about, especially those of you living in North America!



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