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Pokemon’s Misty: The Tomboy Mermaid Classic Gym Leader Figure Now Up For Pre-Order

Classic-Misty-Figurine-Image-08It was a while ago but I feel as though you’d all still remember: Bandai, in conjunction with Game Freak and Nintendo, released a nostalgia-inducing figurine that showed Pokemon’s Brock in his original Gym Leader attire…which was barely anything, mostly just pants. Fans of the franchise went wild! Especially those who grew up playing the very first generation of Pokemon video games. Not long after that, the same companies came together and announced a second figurine from the same collection. This time it was Misty; the second Gym Leader from the first set of Pokemon games. Much like Brock, Misty’s classic attire had a serious lack of actual attire, with her being in a simple bikini set.

Now, some time after it was announced, those same trie of companies have once again surfaced to reveal that the Misty figurine is now up for pre-order. Alongside alerting the world of it’s purchasability, they also revealed exactly what the figurine will look like, as I’m sure you can already see by the images I’ve provided in this article. Going for 3,456 yen (US$28), pre-orders are now open and will go all the way up until October 30 with expected shipping time being sometime in January.

If you are interested in pre-ordering Misty: The Tomboy Mermaid, you can do so by heading to Bandai’s Premium store: Click Here


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