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Pokemon Sun and Moon to do away with EV and IV training?


Good news for the casual trainers and bad news for the hardcore trainers, Pokemon Sun and Moon looks to be heading back to basics and that could very well spell the end of EV and IV training in the series.

During an interview with Japanese magazine ‘We Love Pokemon’, Game Freak’s Ken Sugimori spoke about Generation 7 and commented that they plan to revert back to the simpler ways of Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, where EV and IV training was but a twinkle in Game Freak’s eye.

He commented that the game had become unbalanced with the inclusion of EV and IV training and that there would also be a bit of trimming being done to the number of moves, abilities and items in the game.

Furthermore he mentions that while it is at this point impossible to decrease the number of Pokemon, Game Freak’s focus with Sun and Moon is all about going back to basics and making games that can be enjoyed by all.


EV and IV training is hard work.

So it looks like this could very well be the end of the infamous EV and IV training and reverting back to a simpler time, making the game a bit more fair for those that don’t want to grind endless hours to get that perfect Pokemon. But it’s a bit of bad news for those that do.

This news of course comes hot off the heels of the announcement that players will be able to transfer Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow with the Pokemon Bank. Many were left puzzled at how that could be since those games do not feature EV/IV related statistics and training, but it looks evident that that would be irrelevant in Sun and Moon should their be credence to Sugimori’s words.

What do you think of this development in the Pokemon series? Are you glad that EV/IV training is likely gone or are you sad to see the complex system kicking the bucket?

Source: ‘We Love Pokemon’ Magazine


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