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[UPDATE] Pokemon Sun and Moon – September CoroCoro Leaks Reveal Rockruff Evolutions


Of course! Here we have another batch of leaks straight from the unreleased pages of Japan’s own toy and video game magazine CoroCoro. Before I officially move on to detail the contents of the most recent link, may I just mention that CoroCoro is the greatest source of any news, Pokemon or otherwise, because it’s most recent, unreleased issues clearly aren’t kept in as tight a vault as they should. Like water in a colander; it’s contents never stay contained.

Ever since the introduction of the resent Alolan dog Pokemon, Rockruff, many news sources have explained that there’s much to be learned about it’s evolutionary tree, which today has been confirmed to have at least two branches, how about that? Yes, these particular leaks happen to focus on Rockruff and it’s dual evolutions; one which is altered because of the effects of the sun, and the other because of the effects of the moon.

As many have speculated; Rockruff does indeed have a Werewolf-like evolution when exposed to the Moon’s rays, and a more “tame” evolution when exposed to the sun. It’s name is Lugarugan, and it’s Sun form will definitely appear on my future Pokemon team, that’s for sure. Nothing has been said regarding any kind of type change.

Also featured in the September CoroCoro leaks are the two very different versions of the second Ultra Beast, mysteriously called UB02: Beauty, and UB02: Expansion. Taking into consideration the small screenshots of these new Ultra Beasts in-game, it seems as though you will interact with Expansion in the Sun version, and Beauty in the Moon version, as they are both seen battling Tapu Koko during the day and during the night respectively.

Apart from their names and what they look like, nothing else regarding their specifics have been revealed. UB01 has yet to be named, but the leaks state that the truth of it’s name bring with it quite a depth of meaning.

The Pokemon Anime was also mentioned in the leaks, with the key visual taking up the space of an entire page featuring a slightly strange-looking Satoshi accompanied by the conversation Rotom-Dex, and his long-time pal Pikachu. From the very brief description of the season; Ash has travelled to Alola to “graduate like never before“…whatever that is supposed to mean. The Anime is set to begin airing in November.

The NEXT series of CoroCoro leaks will aparantly reveal the strengths of Chimera Pokemon Type:Null, so sit in uncontrollable anticipation until that comes to pass.

UPDATE: Two more scans from the most recent issue of CoroCoro magazine have surfaced online. They show both Lugarugan’s “Midday” and “Midnight” form in action. Midday gains the move “Accel Rock”, whereas “Mignight” gains the move “Counter”


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