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Pokemon Sun and Moon – Middle Starter Evolutions Finally Revealed


This is a crucial time in any Pokemon Trainer’s life; it’s the period prior to a new Pokemon video game being released, and it’s a point in each of our lives wherein which we live in a constant state of anticipation as we wait for more Pokemon to be revealed, periodically adding new ones to our, so far, fictitious team of six. Now, no matter how many Pokemon Game Freak reveals between the first trailer of the new game and it’s release, none will be more important than that of the starts and their evolutions. The starters were introduced to the Pokemon-loving world quite some time ago, which makes the reveal of their Evolutions as a part of this new trailer all the more sweeter.

Yes, Game Freak and Nintendo have, overnight, released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that finally reveals the middle evolutions of the starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten, and Poplio. Their named are Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne, and their designs somewhat match up with the final evolutions depicted in the infamous “Pokemon Sun and Moon Chinese Leaks“, which leads me to believe that I may be adding one tough Wrestling Tiger to my upcoming Sun and Moon team.


In order: Dartrix, Torracat, Brionne.

Alongside the reveal of the starters, the trailer also introduces audiences to updated gameplay mechanics like the Festival Plaza; a place where Trainers can hang out with others, play festival games, and win prizes, and the Poke Pelago which allows Pokemon stored in your Box to go on adventures, find items, and train by your command. The later of the two new features is very much reminiscent of a mechanic introduced in early Digimon RPG titles that allows monsters who aren’t featured in your team to be of some use.

On the 18th of this month, Game Freak and Nintendo will release a Demo for the upcoming game that will have you, the player, go on a short adventure with your special Pokemon partner; Greninja. This Greninja, unlike your standard, will have the ability to transform into the well known “Ash-Greninja”, giving it a power boost and a visual change. This special Greninja can be transferred from the Demo to the full game upon release.


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