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UPDATE: Full Trailer Released – Pokemon Sun and Moon – Leaked Trailer Screenshots Introduce Us To MORE Pokemon


Hah! I bet you think that CoroCoro scans are the only Pokemon-related leaks to populate the web pre-new game release! Well, if that IS indeed the case, prepare to be surprised! As it turns out, Nintendo international are set to release a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon Game this weekend, but some lucky citizen of the world was able to get a look at it early.

Instead of releasing the trailer early, which is what many others would have done, this mysterious person has simply taken a myriad of screenshots and posted them instead. The screenshots show Pokemon already revealed, alongside images of Team Skull, the new region’s antagonist team, but as well as what we saw in the latest CoroCoro leaks comes three new Pokemon; one of which is an Alolan Form of a Generation One favorite.

It seems like many older Pokemon are receiving the “Alolan Form” treatment, with the latest being that of Raichu who has taken on somewhat of a surfing gimmick. Morelull is a Fungus-based Pokemon that looks as though to will receive an evolution, and Pyukumuku is a Sea Cucumber-type Pokemon which confirms that the Chinese leaks released sometime ago were indeed accurate.

Below I have provided for you all a look at all the other screenshots released by this mysterious “screencapper” which, as mentioned, showcases a few of the Pokemon and characters revealed through the last CoroCoro leaks. Keep your eyes on the site as the weekend comes to pass because the trailer from which these screenshots have been ripped is set to be shown worldwide.


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