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Pokemon Sun and Moon – International Trailer Reveals Even More Unseen Evolutions


It was only but a few days ago that the world was blessed with the much-anticipated monthly leaks of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine. This latest issue gave us a look at Type:Null and Jangmo-o evolutions, as well as a quick glance at an Alolan Grimer, but The Pokemon Company international have just released an English trailer that shows us all that and much, much more!

Silvadi’s English name is Silvally, and it’s ability was changed from “AR System” to “RKS System“, inching closer to speculation that it has something to do with the God Pokemon Arceus. Jangmo-o’s evolutionary chain also got a name change; it’s middle form is now Hakamo-o, and it’s final is Kommo-o. There is also now a vibrantly-coloured Alolan Muk!

In regards to new Pokemon; evolutions for Cutiefly and Bounsweet were also revealed. Cutiefly will evolve into Ribombee, and Bouncesweet will feature two evolutions that go by the names Steenee and Tsareena. The latter will learn a move unique to it called “Trop Kick“; this technique lowers the opponents attack whilst also dealing damage.

The trailer also introduced audiences to non-Pokemon characters in the form of two Trainers. One is the Kahuna of Akala island; Olivia, and the other is the very first Trial Captain you will face; Ilima, who was revealed previously.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is only just over a month away, but you can occupy yourself in that time by watching all the awesome pre-release trailers, starting with this one here! Enjoy!


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