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CONFIRMED: Pokemon Sun And Moon – Could They Be The Names Of The Next Generation?



2016 marks the year of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and like any landmark event…it’s to be celebrated in some big ways! Many fans around the web understandably speculate that, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Game Freak will be releasing their most ambitious Pokemon video game to date, and for all intents and purposes…the upcoming pair of celebratory games could be titled Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

It appears as though Nintendo have filed two trademarks through the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for the names Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon, both of which happen to feature two very distinct logos that look, to say the very least…overtly Pokemon. Now, considering tomorrow’s Nintendo direct is focused entirely on that of Pokemon, chances are Game Freak and Nintendo are preparing to unleash something amazing on the world. If that were to be the case, something like this is pretty standard; they’re just preparing to rock the world, in a safe way.

Some other publications have reported that these two names are confirmed as the titles for the next generation of the much-loved game, but there has been a bit of confusing courtesy of a fake Nintendo Twitter account that supposedly “leaked” the news ahead of time. Any reports with information along those lines can and should be disregarded. Though this seems like a pretty sure thing, nothing can be said for certain until Nintendo confirms it during their presentation, which many people believe is absolutely going to happen.

Keep your eyes glued to the cybernetic highways of the world wide web as we barrel into tomorrow so as to not miss out on what is looking to be one hell of an exciting Nintendo Direct Presentation. Prepare yourself for a lot of Pokemon-related news and, hopefully, some word regarding this new pair of main-series titles. Friday morning and 10am EST is when you’ll be able to catch the presentation, so don’t you dare miss it!

UPDATE: This news has been confirmed during Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct conference. The games are set for release in late 2016. The trailer announcing the game is featured just below:


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