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Pokemon Sun and Moon – CoroCoro Leaks Reveal Type:Null and Jangmo-o Evolutions


Type:Null is, arguably, the most intriguing Pokemon since Mewtwo, and that is perhaps because of their similar backstories. While Mewtwo wasn’t necessarily created to destroy Legendary Pokemon, it WAS cloned with ultimate power as the basis. Type:Null, upon reveal, quickly rose to the top as favorite among fans anticipating the new game. Speculation developed regarding just what this creature is under that intense mask, and with the new CoroCoro magazine leaks, well…we finally find out!

Yes, it’s that time of the month wherein which the news that is supposed to be broken with the physical release of Japan’s own CoroCoro magazine is instead leaked online thanks to an unknown citizen of the internet with early access to the new issue. This month’s is quite exciting considering it has not only revealed a new Alolan form, a Poison/Dark-Type Grimer, but the aforementioned Type:Null Evolution, Shiruvadi, and the entire Evolutionary chain of possible Pseudo-Legendary Jangmo-o: It’s middle Evolution is named Jarango, and it’s final is named Jararanga. The two latter Pokemon will be a mix between Dragon-Type and Fighting-Type.

Whilst Jangmo-o’s chain of evolution is indeed exciting, it’s nowhere near as breathtaking as the helmet-less Type:Null, known by it’s true name; Shiruvadi. It is said that when Type:Null finds a Trainer it can trust and depend on, it breaks it’s own helmet, revealing it’s true form and becoming far more powerful as a cause of it. Shiruvadi has a unique Ability called “AR System” that allows it to change into any of the eighteen different Pokemon Types so long as it is partnered with a mysterious item simply called Memory.

As it stands, we’re not quite sure whether it is a single item that will allow for the Trainer to choose, or whether it is a series of items each sharing the title “Memory“. Shiruvadi also gains the Move “Multi Attack” whose type changes alongside that of the Pokemon’s.


Not as exciting, but still quite interesting; it was revealed that Ilmia will serve as the very first Trial Captain of the game, and the very first city you’ll adventure through is one called Hauori, but that is, so far, just it’s Japanese name. The game is still about a month from release, so expect more news as we roll ever closer to it! Keep your eyes on the site for news when it breaks!


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