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Pokemon Sun and Moon – CoroCoro Leaks Reveal Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu


We’re at a critical point in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s pre-release stage wherein which you have to consider that, despite how legitimate sources seem, perhaps the leaked Pokemon you are looking at could be entirely false. In the past, many of us have been fooled by “leaked scans” from mysterious sources, and it has conditioned us to doubt everything we see on first glance, especially when what we’re looking at isn’t exactly what we thought the minds at Game Freak would produce.

Take, for example, the two newly-revealed Pokemon, Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu, who have just been introduced to the world thanks to leaked scans of the latest CoroCoro magazine. Now, one of these Pokemon looks like something you’d find in a Japanese claw machine, whilst the other looks as though it was designed for nothing more than a gag. Despite this, it looks as though these new Pokemon have been confirmed as legitimate additions to the new generation, and no matter how odd I personally think they look, it seems as though they’ve taken the internet by storm. More specifically, it is Mimicu who has captured the hearts and minds of the Pokemon-loving audience.

Kiteruguma is a cute-looking Normal/Fighting-type Red Panda Pokemon that is, according to the official description, incredibly dangerous not only to be around but even to raise. It is so troublesome, in fact, that there are signs around the entire Alola region warning travellers of the dangers of said Pokemon. It is powerful enough to snap most things in two with little to no effort, and it loves to give hugs, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “bear hug”. It can be captured with two different abilities; Fluffy or Klutz.

The second of the two is a Pikachu lookalike that goes by the name Mimikkyu. It is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon with a sad backstory that, I believe, is the basis behind the fandom’s immeasurable attraction towards it. What you see at first glance is not the true form of Mimikkyu; the cloth that it wears resembles Pikachu because it is a piece of merchandise for quite some time ago that this Pokemon has found and worn for a couple of different reasons: The first is that it uses this cover to avoid sunlight which is dangerous to Mimikkyu, and the second is that it has always wanted to be a popular Pokemon, so it uses a Pikachu-like aesthetic to lure the same type of love that many have for the franchise’s mascot. It has the ability False Colours.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set for a worldwide release this November, with it being made available across North America on the 18th and across Europe on the 23rd.

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