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Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Headed to eShop, Can You Feel The Nostalgia?


Almost 20 years on from the first time we were introduced to the wonderful world of Pokemon and in many fans hearts you just can’t beat that first time.

The original trilogy of Pokemon games have a great deal of nostalgic value for most Pokemon fans. They were the games where it all began and recapturing that feeling has never quite happened since despite the fact that each Pokemon game is generally always good.

Well fear not, you can now relive the classics of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow without fear of your cartridge’s internal battery having died like mine did. Nintendo have announced they will be releasing the original trilogy on the 3DS eShop with some added wireless connectivity to make up for the lack of link cable on the 3DS.

Get excited PokeFans, its time to head back to Kanto. The journey begins again.


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