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Pokemon meets Blood Blockade Battlefront in epic fan mash-up video



Fans of Pokemon and fans of Blood Blockade Battlefront at first seem to be a different breed but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, fans of both series have come together to create the ultimate mash-up of the two: a Pokemon version of Blood Blockade Battlefront’s famous ending theme song.

The fan made video places many characters from the Pokemon series in place of the Blood Blockade Battlefront characters in the popular Unison Square Garden theme video. The song by Unison Square Garden is of course ‘Sugar Song to Bitter Step’, however in this video we see an 8 bit version of the tune employed to fit in with the style of Pokemon.

It’s a great watch whether you’re a fan of Pokemon or not. So kick back, check it out below and enjoy yourself.



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Flip flop slipperdy snap, want to hear a puzzle slap? Who hoot hoots like a shoe in the night, what beetleborgs do is quite a fright. You can be Scooby Doo and eat your pie too but I'm just having some fun being Halliday, dude.

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