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Pokemon Company Reveals Youtube-Exclusive Anime Series “Pokemon Generations”


Three years ago, Pokemon Generations was seen for the very first time on Japanese television. Exploding in popularity, this short series reminded Pokemon fans of all ages just how epic and heart-pounding the events of the original games were, so it only makes sense that, a few years later, Pokemon would once again attempt to bring such events to the Anime medium albeit on quite a larger scale.

The Pokemon Company International have just revealed their new Youtube-exclusive, for now, Anime series titled “Pokemon Generations” that will take key moments from the games spanning all generations and showcase them to anyone willing to watch. This series will consist of eighteen episodes, each ranging from about three to five minutes long, starting with events from the original generation of games and making their way up to the more recent titles.

The Pokemon Company International had this to say:

Pokémon Generations looks back at each generation of the Pokémonvideo game series, diving into the stories of the games more deeply and getting to know characters and Pokémon better. Visit each region, from Kanto to Kalos, to relive the world of Pokémon like never before!

This Friday, the 16th of September, at 12:00pm EDT the first two episodes of the series will be released through the Pokemon Company’s official Youtube channel, which you can get to by Clicking Here. This is looking to be one hell of a great addition to the franchise overall, but don’t take my word for it, I have provided the official trailer for you just below:


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