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Playing With Our Decks – Learning To Play Future Card Buddyfight At SMASH! 2015


Long-time readers of the site will know that the SnapThirty crew are particularly fond of modern trading card games. While we’ve not got the time nor money to experience each and every different series, we take every chance we get to try and learn something and partake in something new. Last year’s Sydney Manga and Anime Show (SMASH!) introduced us to the wild world of Bushiroad’s Cardfight!! Vanguard, but this year we decided to try something a little different; another of Bushiroad’s popular series’, a game called Future Card Buddyfight, and thanks to the wonderful hosts of the weekend-long workshop…it was hard not to fall in love with.

SMASH! always accommodates for the TCG-loving community of Sydney. Not a year goes by wherein which Trading Card Games are left out of the celebrations of the young convention, and the stage is always set up for the enjoyment of the masses; both new and season card gamers alike. Us, being casual adopters of the TCG lifestyle, were made to feel perfectly welcome despite the number of seemingly masterful players that spent their weekend battling for both fun and glory. That was thanks to the passionate OzAnimart team who spent much of their time at the show monitoring matches and teaching us new kids on the block how to throw down with the best of them.

Kevin, who eventually went on to teach each member of the SnapThirty crew attending the event, made quite an impression on the Saturday when he offered to instruct both Luke and I personally after presenting us with our very own promotional Future Card Buddyfight playmats which he insisted were entirely for free. Something you honestly don’t see too often nowadays. After a good hour of explanation and practical tutelage, Kevin had done his job properly and conscripted two more soldiers into the world war that is Future Card Buddyfight. After such a delightful interaction with someone who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to the world of Trading Card Games, it was hard NOT to instantly buy our own decks and suggest to the other half of the crew that they make their way to the TCG area at least once over the show weekend.

After feeling compelled to purchase our very own deck boxes and card sleeves, Luke and I practically bullied both Kane and Crystal into coming with us to learn from Kevin and the rest of the OzAnimart team much like what we had done the day before. On day two, we returned. All four of us. Instantly, we were greeted by Kevin, once again, who remembered our faces. After explaining that we have now recruited two more players of the game, Kevin offered a free trial deck to Kane who was looking at purchasing one before even learning to play the game. Benny Sulung, Sales Manager for OzAnimart, overheard the conversation and gifted us an assortment of new booster decks just for returning to enjoy the game for another day. After the four of us sat down with Kevin and he worked his magic, we were off to buy more deck boxes and card sleeves…only to return later in the day for much, much more.


The sun began making its decent, and the show was almost wrapped up for another year. After our interview with industry great Danny Choo, we decide that it’s time to return to the TCG area before making our way home. Once again, the team remembers us and, without batting an eyelid, offers us another trial deck free of charge before asking us if they can help with anything else. Surely by now you can understand why it was that we continued to return to this place time and time again. Funnily enough, it had little to do with the fact that we were given a great deal of free gear, in fact, I’d say it had nothing to do with that. It was OzAnimart’s dedication to the game, and their clear enthusiasm for welcoming beginners with open arms that had us gravitating towards the Trading Card Game area even after being swept away by the other events of the weekend.

When it comes to learning about new Trading Card Games, I find myself somewhat overwhelmed by the taking in of new information. I’m deterred by thoughts of play difficulty, the inability to understand basic game elements, the inexperience to build a proper deck, and so on. Kevin, and the team at OzAnimart, eased me into the game, alleviating all those silly thoughts that once stopped me from trying something new. As it turns out; Future Card Buddyfight as actually pretty easy to pick up but, as most Trading Card Games are, difficult to master, which is perfectly fine simply because of how fun the journey seems. Swapping with friends, trying out new cards, constantly bettering yourself, and developing new play styles; it’s an incredible Trading Card Game to be apart of, and none of us would’ve liked it this much had we not spoken to the OzAnimart crew.


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