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Platinum Games Working with Nintendo on Star Fox Zero


Star Fox and Metroid have been relatively quiet compared to other Nintendo IPs, and this year Nintendo revealed a new title for each franchise at the E3 conference. Metroid Prime on the 3DS was an unexpected surprise for sure, but we knew about the existence of Star Fox since last year, we just didn’t know what it was going to be like. Well this year Nintendo showcased a mouth watering gameplay trailer for the upcoming iteration of Star Fox, and also announcing the involvement of ace developer, Platinum Games.

This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has collaborated with a third party developer to produce a Star Fox title, as Star Fox Assault on the GameCube was a joint effort by Nintendo and BandaiNamco. Platinum Games have been the developer to watch out for ever since they made their mark in the last console generation, and Nintendo and Platinum Games forged a special alliance when they unleashed the Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2. This partnership makes perfect sense, and given the track record of Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero should be really cool.

That being said, Star Fox Zero looks quite similar to the aforementioned Star Fox Assault, with both ground and air combat, and a seamless transition between the two. Visually it looks positively crisp and gorgeous, and the action looks impressive with towering bosses to boot. Not to mention, it looks to incorporate the Wii U game-pad in clever and intuitive ways.

You can check out actual gameplay footage in the E3 trailer below.

Oh and don’t forget to do a barrel roll!!!

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