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Persona Q – Shinjiro Aragaki and Yukiko Amagi Character Trailers Released

Persona-Q-Shadow-Of-The-Labyrinth-Yukiko-Trailer-Screenshot-01Both dressed in red; one’s a stone cold beast and the other is a bodacious babe. Isn’t it obvious who I’m referring to? It’s Shinjiro Aragaki from ‘Persona 3’ and Yukiko Amagi from ‘Persona 4’. They’re just two of the many stars of the upcoming ‘Persona’ Nintendo 3DS title ‘Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ and ATLUS thinks it’s about time they get their chance to shine bright with their very own character trailers.

Aragaki and his Persona pal Castor are head-to-head brawlers. They take no back seat to the action and are always willing to act as any team’s vanguard duo whereas Miss Amagi and her Persona Konohana Sakuya prefer to take a stand somewhere in the rear guard, using magic to back up their teammates. Both characters will be able to work together brilliantly with one backing up the other as they mow down the enemies that stand before them.

Don’t take my word for it though because, who knows, I could be wrong. What you should do is check out the two character trailers below, only then you’ll see just how awesome these two fighters really are. ‘Persona Q’ is set for a release, as mentioned, on the Nintendo 3DS this November for both North America and Europe. More specifically, North America will be getting it on the 25th and Europe the 28th.

Shinjiro Aragaki:

Yukiko Amagi:


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