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Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth – Now Available Across Europe


Well, friends, it is finally here. “Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth”, the much-anticipated “Persona” cross-over title, has now reached the shores of Europe and is now available across the continent. North America got themselves the game sometime last week but now it is the European gamers’ turn to try their hand at some old-school dungeon crawling on a contemporary console.

Are you a fan of “Persona 3”? Awesome! Your favorite characters are in this game! Are you a fan of “Persona 4”? Even awesome-er! Your favorite characters from THAT game are also in “Persona Q”! Are you a fan of original characters created for specific cross-over title! Wow! So awesome! Those types of characters are also in this game!

“Persona Q” practically has everything and it’s not now across Europe, so heading into your local video game distributor and grab this new Nintendo 3DS title before the limited edition tarot card version gets sold out. If you don’t know what this version is, it’s actually no different from the standard version of the game apart from that it comes with eleven tarot cards based on the ones from the game. I’ll be seeing you all on the other side. Let’s fight Shadows together, make friends, have a good time and maybe save the world.

Persona Q takes the beloved characters from the hit role-playing games Persona 3 and Persona 4, and puts them into an all-new adventure. The game combines the cast of characters from the Persona games and puts them in the gameplay style of Etrian Odyssey, where teams of five will navigate dungeons in a first-person view. Each character will also have access to their Persona, a manifestation of their strength of heart. Players will level up their Personas as well as collect, fuse, level up, and equip new Sub Personas. New characters, enemies, and the map-obstructing FOEs will give players all-new challenges. – ATLUS

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