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Persona Q – Naoto Shirogane and Ken Amada Character Trailers Released


ATLUS have today released two more character trailers for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS video game ‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ and they just so happen to focus on the smallest of the two groups that make up both the ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’ cast respectively. Naoto Shirogane, the literal shortest of the ‘P4’ team, is a self-proclaimed ace detective and one hell of a gunfighter.

She, together with the Persona Sukuna-Hikona, is a perfect backup brawler that can dance with the best of them and isn’t one to back down prematurely. Though her everyday life is filled with gender confusion and questions that need some serious answering, she wont let that effect her in battle. Ken Amada from ‘P3’, on the other hand, is just a kid so it’s understandable if he doesn’t feel as ‘at home’ on the battlefield as the rest of the cast.

That doesn’t mean he wont do his all to protect his friends. With a spear in hand and Nemesis the Persona at his back, this young man wont step down from a fight, especially when he knows the lives of his friends are on the line. You can expect him to be a loyal fighter, one that will never let the team down. Both these two are showcased in their own short trailers of which I’ve provided for you below so head down there to check them out! ‘Persona Q’ is set for a release, as mentioned, on the Nintendo 3DS this November for both North America and Europe. More specifically, North America will be getting it on the 25th and Europe the 28th.

Naoto Shirogane:

Ken Amada:


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