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Persona Q – It’s Time To Meet The Occupants Of The Velvet Room

Persona-Q-Shadow-Of-The-labyrinth-Assets-Image-01ATLUS knows that a lot of us already know the characters of both ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’. They’re games based around two things; fighting and making friends, so it’s obvious that once you come into contact with another character, you’re probably going to know them very well by the end of the game. For the sake of those who’ve not played the games and for the sake of those who have terrible memories and need a bit of reminding, ATLUS have released a set of four trailers for their upcoming dungeon crawler, RPG ‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’.

These four videos will spotlight the four inhabitants of the Velvet Room. Yes, all four of them! You’ve got Marie, Margaret, Elizabeth and Theodore. The whole team is here to play! Even better than just simply having them around is that they all play quite an important role in the events of the game both story-wise and gameplay-wise.

Margaret spends most of her time in the Velvet Room. She can help you and your party out by handling all the Fusion process and strengthening your Personas. You can go to her for XP boosts or skill extraction for any Personas as well.
Theodore is mainly in charge of running the Workshop, where you can purchase various weapons and items. You can also sell him any materials dropped by Shadows, so he can weld them into more weapons, armors, and items. The best part of visiting his Workshop though, is seeing him in his lovely pink apron. Oh, you’ll get a glimpse of it soon.

When your party’s health levels are low, you might want to consider visiting the Nurse’s Office. Elizabeth will cure even the deepest of wounds, but it comes with a price, of course. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also go to her for any quests provided by her or other characters within the game.

Marie does what Marie does best; chewing gum and writing awful poems. Okay, maybe she does more than that. She actually handles all the StreetPass functionality made possible on the 3DS. You can thank her for any exchanges of Personas that occur with your fellow Persona Q players.

Don’t stress! A few small character explanations are not all we have here for you. Below you’ll be able to watch all four of the individual character trailers that will explain exactly what these characters can do in deep detail. Japan already has this game, those lucky bastards, but the rest of the world can expect to see ‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ hit the 3DS by the end of the year.

North America will be getting it on the 25th of November, Europe will be getting it on the 28th of November and Australia will be getting it on the 4th of December. That’s not too far away so begin preparing for what is looking to be another brilliant addition to the grand lineage that is the ‘Persona’ series.






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