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Persona Q: Get To Know Junpei And Newcomer Zen With These New Trailers

Persona-Q-Shadow-Of-The-Labyrinth-Junpei-Iori-Trailer-Screenshot-01ATLUS, you magnificent bastards! You’ve gone and delivered us another set of trailers for your upcoming ‘Persona’ title ‘Shadow Of The Labryinth’ and us fans of the series love you for it! Yes, you read correctly, ATLUS have today released three new trailers for ‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ and this time they focus on the cap-wearing superstar himself Junpei Iori as well as an original character for the game, a man they call Zen. Alongside these two trailers comes another video that shows us the ‘Persona 3’ side of the story. It shows all of our favorite ‘Persona 3’ characters in one place as well as their initial meeting with the cast of ‘Persona 4’. The main focus though are our friends Junpei and Zen who will star in the game alongside a whole bunch of other ‘Persona’ favorites all of which can be added to your team and used as you see fit. It’s the ultimate ATLUS crossover title! ‘Persona Q’ is set for a release, as mentioned, on the Nintendo 3DS this November for both North America and Europe. More specifically, North America will be getting it on the 25th and Europe the 28th.

Junpei Iori:


Persona 3 Story:


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