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Persona Q – Fuuka, Koromaru, Kanji and Rise Trailers Released


ATLUS are back at it again with the releases of five new characters trailers for their upcoming dungeon-crawler “Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth”, well…four character trailers and one other one which takes viewers through the party building system. Fans of the series and big followers of Japanese pop culture will know that, every couple of weeks, ATLUS releases new trailers for “Persona Q”, most of which happen to feature singular characters…this week is no different.

The characters put on show for this batch of videos are Fuuka and Koromaru of “Persona 3” alongside Kanji and Rise of “Persona 4”, as well as the one I mentioned just above. I’ve provided all of these videos below so sit back, relax, press play and enjoy what ATLUS has to offer. North America will be getting the new 3DS title on the 25th of November, Europe will be getting it on the 28th of November and Australia will be getting it on the 4th of December. That’s not too far away so begin preparing for what is looking to be another brilliant addition to the grand lineage that is the ‘Persona’ series.

Fuuka Yamagishi:


 Kanji Tatsumi:

Rise Kujikawa:

Forming Parties:


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