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Persona Q – European Release Date Announced


ATLUS, alongside their European distribution partners NIS America, are extremely excited to announce the official release date for their upcoming ‘Persona’ Nintendo 3DS title ‘Shadow Of The Labyrinth’. ‘Persona Q’, the new game that combines the characters of ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’, will be hitting video game retailer shelves across Europe on the 18th of November this year!

In just a couple of months this game will be made available both digitally and physically to all European gamers and those of you out there who pre-order the game from participating vendors will receive eleven tarot card replicas of which have featured in both the ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’ video games.

These cards also come with the special ‘Wild Cards Premium Edition’ but for those of you who don’t want to spend all that money yet still want these cards, this is the perfect offer. ATLUS suggests you get in as early as possible with your pre-orders because these tarot cards are limited so it’s first come first serve.

Persona Q takes the beloved characters from the hit role-playing games Persona 3 and Persona 4, and puts them into an all-new adventure. The game combines the cast of characters from the Persona games and puts them in the gameplay style of Etrian Odyssey, where teams of five will navigate dungeons in a first-person view.

Each character will also have access to their Persona, a manifestation of their strength of heart. Players will level up their Personas as well as collect, fuse, level up, and equip new Sub Personas. New characters, enemies, and the map-obstructing FOEs will give players all-new challenges. – ATLUS


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