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Persona Q – Chie Satonaka and Akihiko Sanada Character Trailers Released


What’s more exciting than one protein junkie? How about TWO protein junkies?! It’s a beautiful morning in Sydney Australia and I’ve woken up, much like many others, to a new pair of ‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ character spotlight trailers courtesy of ATLUS themselves. I tell you, there’s no better way to start the day.

Both ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’ feature a character type that are focused on one thing and one thing only; one of them happens to be a freak for meat and the other surely spends most of his free time at the gym. I think you all know who I’m talking about…it’s Chie Satonaka of ‘Persona 4’ and Akihiko Sanada of ‘Persona 3’! One is a world renowned ‘kick chick’ and the other could definitely give Rocky a run for his money and they’ve both come together today to share the spotlight in their very own character trailers.

‘Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’ isn’t too far away from being released but that doesn’t matter to ATLUS, they’ll keep the trailers coming until we’re thoroughly prepared for one hell of a JRPG experience. Released alongside these two character trailers also comes a short story trailer, just in case seeing two fan favorites in action isn’t enough to entice you. All three videos can be seen just below. ‘Persona Q’ is set for a release, as mentioned, on the Nintendo 3DS this November for both North America and Europe. More specifically, North America will be getting it on the 25th and Europe the 28th.

Chie Satonaka:

Akihiko Sanada:

Story Trailer:


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