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Persona 5’s Fourth Promotional Video Reminds Us Why We’re So Excited For It’s Release

Persona-5-Cover-Image-01There aren’t many things in life that compel me to get out of bed of a morning. Right now there’s one main thing that gives me the energy to go about my day, and it’s basically anything that has to do with ATLUS. Not my family, nor my friends, can instil within me the motivation to do anything productive with my days on Earth…but a new promotional video for ATLUS’ upcoming groundbreaker RPG Persona 5, now THAT’S worth getting up for!

As many of you may already know; ATLUS recently held a live-streaming event wherein which they revealed a slew of new details regarding the highly-anticipated Persona 5. Not only was the world delivered a brand-new promotional video that introduces us to a couple new main characters and a whole bunch of unseen gameplay footage, but we also now have a solid release date for the game in Japan which is the 15th of September. Hopefully we’ll soon hear word of a localisation date, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The West will be left waiting for quite some time.

Introduced in the video that I have provided for you down below are two new female characters that look as though they will be joining the main character cast for all their wacky, thieving ventures: One of them is a bespectacled young woman named Sakura Futaba (who has quickly risen to God status amongst Persona fans), and a so far unnamed girl who’s gimmick seems to be that of a gnarly motorcycle; something we can all get onboard with. Sakura Futaba is accompanied by her Unidentified Flying Object-based Persona called Necronomicon, and the two of them will act as the navigators for the game. We will surely hear more about this second, mysterious character sometime soon.

Something else interestingly announced as a part of this live-stream is that of a Persona 5 Anime project titled Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers, which is a series that will serve as somewhat of a prequel to the events of the game. This series will begin in September alongside the release of the game in Japan. Apart from the basic premise of the series, nothing much is known about what it will entail, but it will most likely follow the crew before they were introduced to a life of what looks to be pretty serious crime.


Thanks to ATLUS’ 20th Anniversary, Persona 5 will be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as both a standard release and as a part of a 20th Anniversary collection. This collection will contain the game, of course, an art book, a five-disc set that contains music from each of the Persona games, DLC additions that will add both Izanagi and Orpheus as playable Personas, DLC additions that will add the school uniforms from both Persona 3 (Gekkoukan High School) and Persona 4 (Yasogami High School) as wearable costumes for the main cast, a custom theme for either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 (depending on which version you purchase), and a specialty box that will hold all these radical items.

So, as you can see, Persona 5 is looking to be the funky addition to the series that we’ve all been waiting for, and considering it’s getting a release in Japan this September, us in the West will continue waiting for some time to come. That’s fine though, right? Yeah! We’re still getting Persona 5, and even though it’s gone through a bunch of delays and setbacks, it’s looking brilliant! ATLUS have already commented on the game’s presence at this year’s E3 saying that there will be much more of the game revealed as a part of the expo, so we have even more to look forward to!


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