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Persona 5 Just Announced For The PlayStation 4 + Teaser Trailer


Sugoi! Sony Computer Entertainment today held a small but exciting press conference wherein which they revealed a whole bunch of information regarding their upcoming games, one of which happens to be the highly-anticipated ‘Persona 5’ which, up until today, had only been announced through a picture featuring five chairs and the video game’s title. Today we were given more than that: Not only was a teaser trailer for the upcoming game released but it was made known to the public that ‘Persona 5’ would not only be coming to the PlayStation 3…but also the PlayStation 4. My excitement is immeasurable seeing as I was one of the foolish people to get rid of my PlayStation 3 so that I could make room in my life for the PlayStation 4. I now regret that decision a little less. The game is still set at a vague 2015 release but the Tokyo Game Show is only around the corner and my hope is that we’ll see more of it there. It’s time to break free!


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