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Persona 5 – It’s Time You Meet Arsene: The Gentleman Thief


Now, reader, I’m sure you’re very much aware of what “Persona 5” is. In fact, if I was a betting man I’d put my money on the fact that you’re very much invested in the whole “Persona” series of video games not just the latest addition.

You’ve seen the new trailer, you’ve seen the new characters, you’ve seen the new mascot character but what we all wanted to see the most was what kind of Personas would call “P5” their home.

Now, thanks to Japan’s Dengeki PlayStation Magazine, we’ve just been introduced to what I’d call the “Main” Persona of the new game and, running with the thief motif, it just so happens to be named after one of the greatest fictional larcenist of all time: A gentleman thief called Arsene Lupin.

OK, before you jump to any conclusions, the new Persona is NOT named after the titular character from the long-running Anime and Manga series “Lupin The Third” because, well, Lupin was named after the same character as the Izanagi-like Arsene so, if anything, they’re like distant cousins.


It seems as though the odd, harpy-looking demon we saw in the trailer only briefly may have actually been the protagonist’s Arsene. We know that only now after being shown the Persona in its entirety.

With one hell of a top hat and some crow-ish wings it’s now pretty obvious what that “thing” was that disrupted the controlled chaos of Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing.

To say the very least; Arsene does indeed look like a gentleman…if gentlemen were ten foot tall devil-beings. Truly, if there’s any celestial being that can help a group of law-breakers get a job done quickly and quietly it’s the name sake of fictional history’s greatest thief.

The latest issue of the magazine also detailed some of the new features of the game but most of them have just reiterated what educated fans had deduced from the very recent trailer. Things like the addition of a cover system to avoid enemies, platforming in randomly generated dungeons, the Shibuya/all around Tokyo setting, the Cafe hideout the main characters were shown at. It just rounded together a bunch of obvious points made in the trailer.

Granted it gets a release in 2015, “Persona 5” is already looking to be a “Game Of The Year” title and I know fans of the series out there will agree with me. It’s revolutionary for the series and I can’t imagine it disappointing its fans. I just can’t wait for it to be released!


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