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Persona 4 – You Look Beary Cute In That Teddie Sweater!

Persona-4-Teddie-Fleece-Sweater-Image-01Who’s ready for some new mascot merchandise?! I am! Over the weekend, the good people over at the Japanese branch of the video game publisher and developer ATLUS released a bunch of images of one of their latest ‘Persona 4’ clothing products just in time for what people are hoping will be one heck of a cold winter.

You can now dress up as the true hero of the PlayStation 2/PlayStation Vita JRPG ‘Persona 4’…Teddie! Spend those cold days wrapped up in a long fleece sweater that makes you look like the rambunctious young bear himself.

Yes, it is true, ATLUS have opened up a new page on their D-Shop for you to be able to go and purchase what will surely be your most favored article of clothing. Unfortunately it doesn’t ship outside of Japan so before buying make sure you have a local friend who’ll be able to get the item and ship it to you. That will most likely be the only way you’ll be getting this huge sweater.

Those eligeble to purchase will be laying down a thick 10,260 yen for this cozy bastard and will never be cold again. For those of you who live outside of Japan, like me, and will not be getting this item…I’ve provided some images of it for you below, so take a look, get a little jealous and then go play ‘Persona 4’ to get your Teddie fix. We all know that’s how this will play out.

Check out the store, even if you’re in the wrong place to be able to buy it: Click Here


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