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Perfume release preview video for new single ‘Cling Cling’

perfume-cling-clingJ-Pop idol group Perfume, are not called J-Pop queens for no reason and with the preview for their upcoming single ‘Cling Cling’ it isn’t any surprise why people would consider these lovely ladies as royalty, because the song royally rocks!

Perfume’s upcoming single ‘Cling Cling’ is set to release on July 16th, 2014. The preview music video was designed with the theme of ‘Oriental’ and conveys an oriental style through and through as the Perfume girls explore what looks to be a hyper vibrant chinese marketplace or something of the like.

You can check out the preview for ‘Cling Cling’ below and get ready to cling onto a copy of the single when it releases on July 16th. These lovely ladies are rocking the ‘oriental’ style, baby!


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