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Paramount Releases First Full Ghost In The Shell Live-Action Film Trailer


This type of thing is happening so often in contemporary times, and yet none of it seems real until it is directly in front of us. Although the live-action Ghost In The Shell film starring Scarlett Johansson was revealed quite some time ago, it is only now that my mind is able to properly comprehend that this is indeed a reality. Paramount Pictures have, overnight, begun streaming the first official trailer for the upcoming Ghost In The Shell film, and it has taken the internet by storm simply because, well…it’s here.

The trailer goes for a startling two and a half minutes, which is only startling because, from what history as taught us, this promotional process usually starts small and builds up, but with Ghost In The Shell it’s starting off fairly strong with, I hope, all the intentions of getting stronger. The trailer briefly describes what the movie’s story will be baed upon, but it’s so vague that really only true fans of the source material will be able to understand. This film seemingly features some incredible visuals, may of which are accurate to many past Ghost In The Shell media projects.

Now, while I’d love to think that you’ve been sitting here this whole time reading my writing, reader, I know that most of you would have skipped over it in excitement to catch the first true look at what is quickly becoming a much-anticipated film by both fans of Japanese pop culture and those out there who aren’t, and I totally understand, so enjoy!



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  1. It seems everyone is following developments on this movie with interest as all day people have been sharing this trailer. It looks incredible though I’m still hesitant about how the overall movie is going to go given the history of adaptations. But, this did it’s job of hyping me up to see it.

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