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Our Hearts Are Burning! A New “Fire Emblem” Has Just Been Announced


Nintendo, with their presentations, always bring about good news. Never bad news. The latest good news is that there is a new “Fire Emblem” 3DS title on the way and, judging by the trailer that came with the announcement, it’s looking like another fantastic addition to the already brilliant series of video games.

This new game that has yet to be named has been in development for quite some time now and features the exact same team that worked on the previous title “Fire Emblem: Awakening”. That’s no surprise though, seeing how will the last game sold, let alone just how damn good it was to play.

Yusuke Kozaki is back, once again, to design each of the characters and Shin Kibayashi, a successful Japanese comic book writer, will lend his talents to the story telling side of video game production. It’s obvious that this new gamer is going to rock our socks off but for the sake of first-hand experience I think you should watch the trailer that Nintendo showed last night and that we’ve got for you just below. Though no release date has been announced, it will most likely be revealed very soon so stick around for an update.


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