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Otaku Decide Most Inspiring Sports Anime, Answer is D) All of the Above


Sports anime exists on another plane of existence, a higher level of being that spreads positivity and the power of passion into the spirits of those who view them. So it is only fitting that the otaku masses lay down the gauntlet once and for and decide which sports anime is the most sports anime-ish (most inspirational). Just about every major sports anime made Charapedia’s list but which one is the sports anime legend to end all super deluxe legends? Batter up, give ando take, it is time to see who is the craziest, boys!

The top 20 list is as follows:

20) Aim for the Ace! (Tennis)
19) Giant Killing (Football)
18) Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou (Swimming)
17) Baby Steps (Tennis)
16) Hajime no Ippo (Boxing)
15) Touch (Baseball)
14) H2 (Baseball)
13) Ro-Kyu-Bu! (Basketball)
12) Big Windup! (Baseball)
11) Eyeshield 21 (American Football)
10) Inazuma Eleven (Soccer)
9) Ace of the Diamond (Baseball)
8) Yowamushi Pedal (Cycling)
7) Captain Tsubasa (Soccer)
6) Free! (Swimming)
5) Major (Baseball)
4) The Prince of Tennis (Tennis)
3) Haikyuu! (Volleyball)
2) Slam Dunk (Basketball)
1) Kuroko’s Basketball (Basketball)

I think the real answer of which is the most inspirational sports anime is ‘all of the above’. Every sports anime embodies the fighting spirit that it takes to be a sports guy or girl and that is what ultimately makes us love this wild genre so very much. But for the sake of making a list, Kuroko’s Basketball is the number one sports anime that hits you right in the inspiration. What is your opinion of this list? What is the most inspirational sports anime in your opinion humble reader? Let us know, with passion.


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