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Online Street Fighter V Players Will Finally Begin Being Penalised For “Rage Quitting”


When you buy a game, be it for the single player campaign reasons or otherwise, chances are you’re going to go ahead and try it’s online mode. With fighting games like the Street Fighter and Tekken series, only the best of the best dare step foot into the arena of the World Wide Web. Me? I choose never to try and contest those who have the guts to jump into online matchmaking and hold their own against the countless powerful opponents that sit at the other end of their Wi-Fi connection. It’s a daunting place that casual gamers like myself should never dare venture, but for you seasoned fighters…it’s just another feature of the game to be dominated.

With things like online multiplayer also comes the aggressive art of “Rage Quitting“; an act mostly executed by “gamer” types that allows the user to escape from a situation by simply exclaiming that they are indeed upset, and leaving whatever game it is that they’re currently playing. It is a technique easy to learn, but almost impossible to master, and Capcom are finally cracking down on those that practice this modern escape tactic.

Another, more contemporary, fighting video game Skullgirls had an interesting “Anti-Button Mash” system that would take the players who were clearly winning only because of their flailing thumbs and paralyse them for seconds at a time, allowing for the opponent to, once again, retain the upper hand. This was a great system that eliminated what I consider to be the most annoying part of any multiplayer fighting game. Capcom have taken another route with their new “Rage Quit” mechanic which keeps a record of the amount of times you have disconnected yourself from a match part-way through and will, as a result, temporarily disable your matchmaking abilities until an appropriate time has passed and you have learnt your lesson.


Now this could be a real issue for those of us around the world that do not have the best internet connection. It’s no secret that, often, players will be disconnected from a match not of their own accord, but because of a networking issue that has rendered the match unplayable. Well Capcom also have a way of combatting this: As a part of the new update that will feature both this new “Rage Quit” mechanic and the classic character Guile as a DLC addition, there will also be an update to the Street Fighter V servers, and the way your system connects to them, that is supposed to greatly reduce not only lag but the multiplayer match drop-off rate.

For once, Capcom is actually doing something that fans can get behind fully. Though it does indeed seem as though they should be focussing their development time more on the larger details of the game, this is a great start that not only eliminates people quitting on you mid-game, but also updates the matchmaking mechanics to be much smoother when connecting. You can’t be unhappy about that. In the end, it simply makes Street Fighter V all the more polished. Keep it up, Capcom!

This update is now available around the world for the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. 


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