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One-Punch Man Creator to Add Another Notch to Anime Adaptation Belt


Emotional wrecker

First things first, if you haven’t heard of One-Punch Man, then I welcome you to the first words you’ve ever read on the internet.  For the rest of you, the creator of said apathetic hero is going to have another of his creation brought to the realm of animation, via well trodden studio Bones.

The series itself, named Mob Psycho 100, revolves around a character dubbed Mob. In addition to being titular, the name is in reference to his lack of impact and propensity to blend in with a crowd. However, there lies a secret behind his bland features, a terrible psychic force that will cause him to explode if his emotions reach 100%. How one quantifies emotions is a fact that escapes me at this current time, but if this series carries with it any of the charm, humour and unique energy contained within One-Punch Man, this may just be another anime season stand out. At the very least there is already an in-built fanbase, as Mob Psycho 100 was a winner of a poll held by Ura Sunday (the online magazine in which the manga is released) that asked what series should be adapted.

Information regarding the series release schedule is understandably sparse, with a tentative “next year” being all we have to go on. But, in the meantime, I am more than happy to enjoy ONE’s other series, because One-Punch Man is awesome and remarkably self explanatory. Also there’s a hero in it named Snek, and that is deceptively funny.


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