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One Piece’s Sanji Has A Last Name, And It Has Just Been Revealead


One Piece’s Sanji hasn’t been in the limelight as of late, seeing as his level of appearance in the Manga has been at all-time low, but he is still one of the fan favorites, and still one of the more powerful members of the Straw Hat crew, so there’s no way we could forget about him for even a second. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has this strange but amazing talent to be able to write characters in ways that make them seem, regardless of how much “screen time” they’re given, like they have gone through some sort of growth or evolution. This also works in the inverse; Oda is able to write a character with a large amount of backstory without ever needing to specifically detail it.

The latest chapter of One Piece, which has just been released over in Japan as a part of the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue, reveals to the audience something we never thought would ever come about. In fact, I personally never thought about this until…now. As it turns out, the Straw Hat crew’s chef Sanji does indeed have a last name, unlike a few of the other more popular characters. Though you may never have thought of it this way; a character’s backstory always starts with it’s last name. Having a last name means the character has a family, and having a family means the character had been brought up by said family. Years and years of living within a family dynamic is what causes us to be the people we are presently, proving that the reveal of a simple last name…isn’t so simple after all, instead it is more the reveal of a character’s past. See how clever that is?


Oda, who revealed the last name in the latest chapter, did so in quite a subtle way, as part of a narration, and without directly referencing it. The image above is the cliffhanger page of the latest chapter and, as you can see, shows Sanji looking bewildered. The reason behind this? Well, that’s all in the translation: “The groom will be… Sanji, third son of the Vinsmoke family. The bride will be… Purin, thirty-fifth daughter of the Charlotte family!!!”.

As it turns out; Sanji’s last name is Vinsmoke, and not only does this revelation confirm that he indeed has a last name, but it also details that Sanji has two older brothers, considering he’s the third son. Who’s to say they won’t make an appearance for the wedding? Who’s to say that Sanji doesn’t have sisters, or younger brothers? The Vinsmoke family could be a 1large one, we simply don’t know. Regardless…this is pretty damn exciting! Sanji Vinsmoke; a name fitting of the man.


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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s good to know!!! Sanji is one of my favorites next to Ace (but the dude died. :( )

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