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“One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X” – Second Trailer Released

One-Piece-Super-Grand-Battle-X-Title-Image-01Want to finally determine who the most powerful ‘One Piece’ character is? I know I do and that’s why I’m so excited for Ganbarion’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS title ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X’, the ‘Jump Super Stars-style’ action brawler that has been said will feature over 80 characters from the long-running series, including originals from it’s many movies.

Before Tokyo Game Show which is just around the corner, Ganbarion have decided to release another trailer for the 4-player action title and it rocks ultimate! KABOOM! The developer, known for many ‘Shonen Jump’ video games, will hopefully show more of ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X’ at the upcoming expo but for now they’ve given us a four minute trailer that takes viewers through each and every detailed aspect of the soon-to-be hit video game. Japan will be getting this game on the 13th of November but nothing has been said so far about a Western release.

I’m hoping Bandai Namco Games, who have brought out a whole bunch of Anime video game titles including all if not most of the ‘One Piece’ game series, will give us some sort of news very soon regarding localization but until then we’ll just have to be left in a state of pure hope. Don’t freak out though, you still havn’t watched the trailer! Check that out before you start wanting more ‘Super Grand Battle! X’!


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