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One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X – More Amiibo Costumes Revealed


A few days ago, fellow SnapThirty writer Kane Bugeja reported on a piece of news that detailed the newly released “One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X” fighting game’s ability to use the recently released line of Amiibo intractable figurines to change the costumes of certain characters to resemble the character model connected to the game. Luffy can be dressed up as Mario and Luigi, Zolo can be dressed as Link and Sanji can be dressed as Fox McCloud.

Well, Nintendo and Bandai Namco Games have gone ahead and revealed the rest of the Straw Hat crew and their Amiibo costumes and they’re looking just as good, if not better, than the ones revealed three days ago. In the image you can see Nami as the Wii Fit Trainer, Franky as Donkey Kong, Brooks as Marth, Chopper as Kirby and Robin as Samus Aran.

As of right now, this game has only been announced for Japan and has already been made available in the great country. We don’t know whether or not the game is going to get a Western release but, looking at recent history, there’s a good chance Bandai Namco Games will be doing something about localisation. At least, that’s what we hope.


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