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One Piece: Grand Battle! X – Doflamingo Battle Trailer Released

One-Piece-Grand-Battle-X-Logo-01OK, so, reader…I’m in a little bit of trouble right now. I’ve decided to take my boat out for a spin and it looks like I’ve ventured into dangerous waters. I can hear screaming and chanting from outside and I haven’t bother to stick my head out of my cabin to look just in-case I see something I really shouldn’t have. Luckily I have this super awesome, high-powered internet connection so I can write an article about it. OK, I just looked and I think those sounds are coming from…pirates! Oh no! Not pirates! Anything bu-wait…wait, I think they’re ‘Once Piece’ pirates. That means, that means they’re the good guys!

‘One Piece: Grand Battle! X’ is the upcoming 3DS game based on the Anime/Manga series of similar name. It features a combat system much like that of the older ‘Jump Superstars’ DS title and chibi-style graphics that look as though they pop on the 3D screen of the handheld console. Any good Anime fan will know of this game and any great Anime fan will be super excited to get their hands on it…once it leaves Japan. The powers at be have today released a new trailer for the upcoming brawler title that shows fan favorites Luffy and Trafalgar Law going up against the much-hated Doflamingo.

Showcasing special moves and useable items, this new trailer has worked and gotten me all worked up for the game to come. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you! November 13th is the date ‘One Piece: Grand Battle! X’ will be hitting Japan but it has yet to have been announced for the West. My hope, and the hope of many other Anime freaks out there, is that the game gets a local release sooner rather than later. Recent history has shown me that the West loves ‘One Piece’ games so my assumption is that we’ll eventually be seeing this game on local shelves. Keep believing and head just below to see the new trailer. Enjoy!


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