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One Piece Ending Revealed to Child Suffering Lung Cancer


Many people have thought about how popular Shonen Jump pirate manga One Piece could possibly end and until now the only man who know the answer to that has been the creator himself Eiichiro Oda. Now we can say that another person knows the ending to the shonen epic, that person is none other than young Hinati Fujinami, a life-long One Piece fan who is sadly suffering from terminal lung cancer.

JapNation AniManga is reporting that Fujinami was a part of the Make-A-Wish program and had only one wish, that being to know how his favourite manga will end. In an amazing act of kindness, Eiichiro Oda was more than happy to oblige and met with Fujinami in his hospital room to grant his wish.

Oda reportedly struggled to hold back his tears upon seeing the condition of the young child, but in a private one on one chat, revealed the rest of the manga and its ultimate ending to the young boy.

Following their chat, Fujinami was said to be smiling and crying at the same time in a whirlwind of emotions. When asked what he was feeling he simply said, “One Piece is so beautiful.”

This is a beautiful story to say the least and it is touching to see how powerfully One Piece has affected this young boy’s life in a positive way. Let us know what you think of this bittersweet news in the comments section below.

Source: JapNation AniManga


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