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One Piece: Burning Blood To Feature General Franky And X Drake

One-Piece-BB-X-Drake-Franky-Jump-Scan-01Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect these two One Piece characters to be featured on the roster of the upcoming fighting title One Piece: Burning Blood. So far, the most we’ve heard about this game is that it will feature realistic battles between Devil Fruit and Haki users, with those of the Logia type being able to make themselves invulnerable and those knowing how to use Haki being able to activate and shut said Logia users down, but never once was it mentioned that there would be gargantuan characters like X Drake and General Franky thrown into the mix.

The latest issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump has just been released over in Japan, and between the pages of this much-loved weekly magazine lies this incredible news regarding the upcoming multi-platform fighter and it’s extended roster. The screenshots featured in the full-page spot shows X Drake in his Tyrannosaurus Rex form going head-to-head with the General Franky confirming that this game will at least have one large-scale battle between two damn big characters.

X Drake has never been featured in a One Piece video game before this point in time so it’s incredibly exciting to say that Burning Blood will be rolling out new characters to add to the roster instead of the same One Piece staples that we tend to see game after game. Unfortunately not much has been said regarding the addition of these two characters, just that they will feature in the game at some point in time. Hopefully Bandai Namco Entertainment will release more information as time goes on but, for now, we’re just going to have to be happy with the fact that these two will show their mighty faces in the upcoming action title.

One Piece: Burning Blood will be released across Japan on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita in 2016 with a Western release confirmed for some time after that.


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