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Of Mice And Murderers – 91 Days Episode Four – Season’s Writings


Episode four marks the beginning of Avilio and Nero’s countryside “sabbatical” which, in true gangster fashion, is not without it’s fair share of illegality. The duo leave Lawless and head outwards, stopping over at roadside towns whenever they can, heading towards…wherever. With no real goal in mind, apart from keeping Nero safe, they keep on their feet, never staying in one place for longer than they have to, but that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. Orco has sent a hitman their way; “a regular Goliath”, as he is described by Frate. With the nose of a tracker dog, and an actual tracker dog, at his disposal, moving from place to place is not what’s going to keep them out of harms way. The boys must pull together all their wits and weaponry, and take this guy out before he puts their vacation to rest for good, but with no money, no weapons, and nowhere to run, it’s going to take more than a slingshot to stop the rampage of this warrior…or will it?

While I feel as though it is going to be hard to beat episode two of this young series, episode four is one that got fairly close. Unlike the three episodes before it, four was a far more light-hearted, giving the overwhelming feeling that this series is indeed similar to that of Baccano!, which makes a great deal of sense. What the audience was delivered through this week’s episode was a look into the psyche of these two men in the form of their interaction with local children. Both Nero and Avilio were shown to have lighter sides, and more depth to their personality that has less to do with responsibility and revenge, and more to do with having to play with the hands which they have been dealt. These two were shown to be much more than gangsters, and murderers, they were actually displayed to the audience as overtly human.


Not only did this episode look good, but it featured a great deal of cinematic action which, to me, confirmed that it is an Anime that plays host to more than just a well-written script. The drawn-out battle between Nero, Avilio, and this “Goliath” was one that left me in suspense, yet had me wearing a giddy smile. It stomped the line between humorous and hard-hitting in a way that only series like Baccano! and Durarara!! could; something I didn’t think would be present in a series like 91 Days but something that I feel definitely has a place. Funnily enough, this episode made me pay real close attention to the series’ score. Unlike all other episodes so far, four featured quite a goofy, yet strangely cool set of tracks that, once again, walked the very thin line separating terrific from tacky.

91 Days episode four, I believe, hit me in a hard way because of how different it was from all previous episodes. It allowed me to experience the lighter side of not only these two characters, but of the series as a whole, and uncovered layers upon layers of depth in these two characters specifically that has made me like them all the more. Not that I didn’t already like them enough. Nero and Avilio clearly have somewhat of a fun-loving side, Nero far more than Avilio, and this was shown not only through comedic scenes of playing around but also whilst going up against one hell of a deadly opponent. They both, though Nero especially, came off as suave and sophisticated, whilst also somewhat looking like clowns, reminiscent of Lupin The Third. There was also an incredible scene wherein which Avilio tried to take down this “Goliath” in much the same way as David from the story, which I found to be quite clever.

What more can I say? I’m in love with this series, bring on episode five!


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  1. I found this road trip to be a bit distracting. I really just want to see them get on with the revenge plot and while there were a few little tidbits in this episode it really just felt like it was stretching out the story.

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