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Not A Fan Of Fighting? That’s OK! ‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ Has Got You Covered!


Allow me to start off by saying; I actually know a couple of people who enjoy video games but don’t enjoy video game combat, so it makes sense that some people out there would just rather experience a story instead of unnecessarily slaughtering waves and waves of enemies. Me? Well…I’m a little different, violence is kind of my thing.

The upcoming video game spinoff title ‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ recently got a bit more interesting with Spike Chunsoft releasing information regarding a couple of the game’s difficulty settings. The most intriguing of the trio would have to be the easiest mode that allows for players to take a non-combat approach to the game. In ‘Genocide Mode’, players will be able summon the insane Genocider Jill who you may remember from the first ‘Danganronpa’ game.

Difficulty Selection Screen

Difficulty Selection Screen

Good ol’ Genocider will jump out of nowhere and carve up all the enemies in your path allowing you to stroll on through the beautiful environments until you reach a cutscene. This can be done approximately infinity times throughout the game, also…there’s no cooldown period so you can use it again and again.

Not that you’ll need to. The other two difficulties are mostly normal, ‘Trouble Mode’ works as the medium difficulty and ‘Despair Mode’ works as the hard difficulty. Apparently Spike Chunsoft suggest players take on the game in ‘Despair Mode’ so if you’ve got the guts, that’s the way to go!

‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ is set for a release in Japan on the 25th of September for the PlayStation Vita with a Western release to come sometime after that, though nothing about that has been heard at this point in time. It’s simply my assumption seeing as the other games have been released/confirmed for the West.


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