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North America To Get A PS4 Release Of “Akiba’s Trip: Undead And Undressed”


Ohohoho! What do we have here? A saucy little update on the upcoming action/adventure sequel “Akiba’s Strip: Undead and Undressed” that has the game supposedly hitting the PlayStation 4 in North America like it has already done in Japan. This…is…fantastic! Originally the game was just announced to be getting a release on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita which isn’t at all a bad thing, we were just glad to be getting it, but now it has been revealed that North America too will be able to play this ultra sexy, ultra stylish game in it’s full HD glory on the PlayStation 4.

If you’ve no idea what this game is, allow me to explain: You play as a young man named Nanashi who has recently been…killed. Well not killed, it’s more like he’s become a zombie but not the type of zombie you see in cheesy 80s films, he’s kind of just no longer alive, yet still kind of alive. It’s a little confusing but bare with me as we hack and slash our way through it.

Before fully succumbing to the darkness, Nanashi is saved by a young maiden who just so happens to work for an organization called the ‘Akiba Freedom Fighters’ who have dedicated their lives to stopping the vampire invasion one blood-sucker at a time. As Nanashi, you join the ‘Freedom Fighters’ and help in their mission to rid Akihabara of it’s vampire problem. These vampires, or ‘Synthesizers’, are weak to the sun so you’ve got to get all their clothing off of them before they suck the life out of you, something that will be easy seeing as the enemies all happen to be beautiful ladies.


The PlayStation 4 version of this open world RPG title will add certain small but interesting things to the gameplay experience. Unlike it’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita counterparts, the PlayStation 4 version will have streaming capabilities like a great deal of the other games released on the console. Not that you don’t already know but this will help you upload to video services like Twitch, Youtube and even social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

PS4 gamers will also be given extra costumes for their characters and this, while quite small in terms of extra content, is still kind of cool. It’s just in case you want to change things up and roll with a different style, you hear? XSEED Games, the publishers behind the North American release of the game, have yet to announce any information regarding a PlayStation 4 release date but you can expect to see it sometime this year so keep an eye out.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions will be hitting stores in North America on the 12th of August and across Europe sometime this Autumn.


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