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‘noitaminA’ 10th Anniversary CD features best songs from the block

is the now legendary late-night anime block and with next year marking the 10th anniversary of the television block, the bigwigs at noitaminA have put a celebratory mix CD together featuring the best music from series that have aired on noitaminA. They have released a preview video for the CD which you can see below.

Included in the CD is a total of 50 tracks, a colossal amount to say the very least, but given noitaminA’s track record of awesome opening and ending theme music it is no wonder that the block has produced so many classic tracks. Included are tracks from series such as Psycho-Pass, Kids on the Slope, AnoHana and many more. Here is the full track listing, all 50 of them:

02.Allegro Cantabile
03.Kimi No Uta
05.Futuristic Imagination
06.The Everlasting Guilty Crown
08.Tsurezure Monochrome
11.Aoi Shiori
13.Thermae Roman
14.Sweet Drops
15._lonely In Gorgeous_
16.Life Goes On-side K-
17.Upside Down
18.Mononoke Dance
21.Kamisama No Iutoori
22.All I Need Is…
23.Kimi No Kirei Ni Kizuite Okure
24.Atashi No Machi.ashita No Machi
26.Haru No Katami
27.Natsu No Hana
28.Anata Ni Deawanakereba-kasetsutouka-
29.Bokura No Ashiato
31.Snow Tears
32.Te Wo Tsunaide
33.Kaze To Oka No Ballad
34.Hello Especially
35.A Lost Dog And Beats Of The Rain
37.Wake Up
40.Date Time
41.Just One Life
42.Hakushu Kassai Utaawase
44.Light Prayer
45. Junjo Spectora
46.Namae No Nai Kaibutsu
47.My Dearest
48.Departures -anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta-
50.Secret Base -kimi Ga Kureta Mono-

The CD is titled ‘noitamina 10th Anniversary BEST’ and will be mixed by DJ Kazu. The CD is slated for release in Japan on the 2nd of July. Looks like an album worth importing for noitaminA fans, so snap to it and show your support for 10 years of quality anime.


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