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No Time To Be Down – New Batch of “Uppers” Screenshots Posted Online


By now you should know that I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming beat ’em up title by Marvelous; Uppers. Honestly, how could I not like this game? It’s being developed by the team that brought you the Kenka Bancho series, it’s being published by a company that knows what a good video game looks like, and it’s being produced by the man who brought us the titillating series Senran Kagura. If you’re not excited for this video game I honestly think something may be wrong with you. Like, not your personality, maybe you’ve been brainwashed or something, I don’t know, just figure it out before it is too late!

Last week saw the release of the upcoming brawler’s very first batch of screenshots which, as you probably already know, are freaking awesome! Well, the Japanese video game website Gamer have been given the great honour of being the first to be able to post the new batch of screenshots which simply show off more of what we’ve already heard about through previous press releases. You know; using the environment to defeat your enemies, racking up series combos by laying the smack down, and being able to motorboat women for a power boost…your standard beat ’em up gameplay features.


Gamer, as a part of the screenshot release, also posted the official character profiles for the two main characters just so everyone knows who they’ll be using to literally kill the rest of the fighters on this strange but oddly exciting death island. Below you can find the full profiles for both these gentlemen so don’t shy away from the scroll wheel on your mouse, head down and check it out, but before that, let me just tell you this: Uppers has no specific release date yet, we just know that it’ll be hitting the PlayStation Vita across Japan sometime in 2016.

Credit goes to Siliconera for the Japanese translation.



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