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Nisekoi x My Love Story crossover manga lands in Viz’s Weekly Shonen Jump

nisekoi-x-my-love-storyJust in case their wasn’t enough romcom mischief in your Nisekoi or My Love Story, the two romantic comedy manga have collided into one hell of a lovely crossover special aptly titled Nisekoi x My Love Story which has been published in Monday’s issue of Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

Nisekoi follows Raku a young man who finds himself with too many girlfriends/love interests, also he is in the Yakuza. Conversely My Love Story follows nice guy Takeo who struggles to get a girlfriend or even the attention of girls because he looks like a raging sumo, also his best friend is a pretty boy that steals all the girls that he likes.

For those out of the know with these two particular manga series, there were two special chapters of Nisekoi x My Love Story that were published last year. One of them was published in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the other in Bessatsu Margaret Magazine (home of My Love Story).

The chapter that will appear in Viz’s Weekly Shonen Jump is the very same one that appeared in the Japanese equivalent of the magazine. They did confirm that the Bessatsu Margaret Magazine chapter will be published at a later date. When that may be is  up in the air, like love.


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