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‘Nisekoi’ Manga to Conclude August 8th, Who Does Raku Choose?


After 5 years Naoshi Komi’s hit romantic comedy manga series Nisekoi: False Love will reach its climactic resolution in next week’s mega combined 36th/37th edition of Weekly Shonen Jump for the year which is set for release on August 8th, 2016.

While speculation has been running rampant since the series inception as to which character Raku, series protagonist and perennial love interest of many cute girls, will ultimately choose, the answer to that question has come out by way of leaks of the final chapter hitting the internet. For those curious highlight the bracketed section to see which girl he chooses: [Chitoge].

Komi is already planning his follow up work which is said to be yet another romantic comedy manga for Weekly Shonen Jump. Stay tuned for further details on the upcoming manga as it comes to light.


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