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Nintendo’s Amiibo, Pretty in Person – EB Expo 2014

EB-Expo-2014-Amiibo-Figures-Image-02Nintendo’s booth was bouncing at EB Expo 2014, getting by the far the biggest turn out of all the Big 3, with countless great titles on display including the hotly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Perhaps not as highly anticipated but still of great interest was the upcoming Amiibo figures which were present at the booth and if I do say so myself looking pretty damn fine.

On show was a large number of Amiibo based upon the cast of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Characters such as Villager, Donkey Kong and even fan favourite Wii Fit Trainer were present. The figures were all highly detailed with even the minutest of intricacies were captured in these brilliantly rendered replicas.

We didn’t get to see how the figures would work with games but the figure quality was absolutely astonishing in and of itself. I was largely impressed by the quality of these Amiibo and found myself wanting to take some of them home as their appealing nature make them the perfect collectible for Nintendo fans such as myself.

Even if it isn’t to be used in a game, I would love to sit these figures on a nice hand-made oak shelf with a fine veneer finish. They are beautifully crafted and as such deserve to be displayed upon a beautifully hand-crafted shelving unit, just not one made by me because I really suck at woodwork. The point I’m getting at though is that these figures are great on their own and with or without a game warrant a purchase for any Nintendo fan.

This amazing line-up of Amiibo characters is set for release in Q4 2014 alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. No exact date has been set of yet but I for one cannot wait to have my mind amiiblown by the amazing figures and the wonderful things they will no doubt be able to do. Let us know what you think of Amiibo in the comments section below. Are you excited? You better be!

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  1. matt says

    Can’t wait getting Samus and Mario me wow,why do people pretend they dont know what there doing ? i understand they level up your characters ect and act as an alter-ego……simple.

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